About IES

The International Electrokinetics Society promotes the interdisciplinary research in the field of electrokinetics, supports young scientists, as well as the exchange of scientific ideas and dissemination of knowledge. It aims to be a link between the respective members of the Electrokinetics Society and the public as well as to support the cooperation between the respective members. The society is selflessly active, it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

The ELKIN is a forum for the discussion of new advances in theoretical and applied electrokinetics. General meetings of the International Electrokinetics Society are held at least biannually at locations around the globe that reflect our international membership.

Topics covered by the symposia include:

  • basic principles of electrokinetic phenomena
  • molecular theories and computation
  • electrokinetics of complex surfaces
  • electrokinetics of low dielectric fluids
  • electrorheological fluids
  • advanced instrumentation and methods
  • electrokinetic self-assembly
  • charge regulation, binding, and electrokinetics in living matter
  • electrokinetics in bioanalytical applications and bioseparation
  • environmental electrokinetics, remediation, recycling
  • electrokinetic micro/nano-fluidics
  • electrokinetics in porous media
  • electrodialysis, capacitive deionization and water desalination
  • electrokinetic separations, electrophoresis, electrodeposition
  • ion exchange and electrosorption
  • electrokinetic energy conversion
  • electrokinetics for the energy and mining industries
  • flow batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis
  • electrokinetic propulsion and electroactuation